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Steps to Take if You Are Unhappy in Your Marriage

Amanda Idleman

 Seek Out Help

The enemy of our souls wants to feed us the lie that we are alone in our struggles. This is just not true! God is with us and provides wise people that can speak life into the darkest places of our lives. My husband and I have gone to counseling many times during different seasons of struggle in our marriage.

 We need the insight, knowledge, encouragement, and faith of others to help us when we inevitably hit ruts. Don’t wait or hesitate to find help when you find yourself unhappy. Seek out counselors, pastors, or mentors that will point you both back to Jesus and help equip you with the tools you need to grow together and not continue to drift apart.

Set Boundaries for Communication

There have been times in our home when we could not talk to each other without resentment boiling up to the surface. If you find yourself in a volatile situation, setting boundaries around your communication can help keep the peace. My husband and I have determined to note things we need to bring up to each other that we feel could be sensitive and appointed a time to meet and discuss those things. If we find ourselves getting too heated in our conversation, we table it and set a time to revisit the topic. The key here is to ensure you are faithful to the protocols you set up, or this strategy can be a great way to avoid our spouses forever. Commit to a more productive communication pattern so your home can remain peaceful for everyone who lives there.

Make Investing in Each Other a Priority

Do you know why falling in love feels so easy? Because you are so dedicated to being together in that season. Truly it feels like you physically cannot get enough of each other. For most of us, as life goes on, that feeling fades, and you are lucky if you get five minutes of quality conversation in a day! Unhappiness is often a product of neglect. When we fail to meet each other’s needs, all kinds of problems begin to form in our marriages. But it’s not too late to lean in and see each other right now.

Investment in your partner takes effort, intentionality, humility, and a lot of grace! You may feel that you don’t even like being together, but that may just be because you’ve forgotten how to have fun with each other. If you are afraid to talk, go to a movie! Grab dinner together, go out with friends, learn a new skill together, or whatever else you can come up with! Find a way to restore common ground that may have eroded between you. Your spouse is worth the effort to be near and present with them.

Work on You

Joy is something that we can’t expect our spouses to provide for us. That’s not their duty. They are supposed to love, respect, and care for you, but joy is something that we gain from the Lord. If you are unhappy, it’s time to dig deep and find the why in your own heart. We can’t pass all the blame off on our marriage or partner. I struggled for many years with anxiety and depression. My struggle brought sadness and strife into our marriage. A huge part of us finding joy in each other is me finding joy for myself!

We can’t change our partners. God’s plan and timing for their lives may differ from what you’d want. They may need time to get to the point where they are willing to do the work you believe they need to do to be a better partner. This isn’t always an invitation to jump ship; sometimes, it’s a chance to sit tight and find peace in your own soul while praying and loving them. This is not easy, but it’s part of what our marriage vows call us to. We committed to ‘for better or for worse,’ meaning we must stick together when our spouse walks through the valley. When we can’t change them, we change ourselves and reflect God’s love for them.

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