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5Tips for Time Management

 Michelle S. Lazurek

There are a few keys I believe are essential to managing time wisely. Here are five ways I manage my time effectively:
First, I make a to-do-list.

When I don’t have a specific plan for my day, I often spend more time on social media and surfing the Internet rather than being productive. Although I do get most of my work done within a given week, I must make sure I plan how to use my time. The saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Jesus was close to his father while on earth. He allowed his father to guide him where he should go to complete his work: healing the sick, casting out demons, and making disciples.

Second, I prioritized my time.

For example, if I have a list of five things to complete by the end of the day, I usually tackle the most difficult or undesirable task first. There is a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a task that feels like a chore to me. When I use my time to accomplish something I don’t want to do, it makes more room in my day for me to complete the things I do want to do. Even if I have to work late to accomplish my tasks, it makes me feel like I’m a good steward of my time, which in turn gives glory to God.

Third, I could have distractions.

Although I do my best writing with some sort of background noise—TV, radio, or sound machine—, I can’t read with the same distractions. Identifying how I work best does wonders for my productivity. I don’t force myself to work in a silent environment unless necessary. I put my air pods in and listen to my favorite type of music, or sometimes I’ll have a TV show on that I’ve seen before. If it’s something I’ve seen before, I know what comes next, allowing me to focus on my writing. Although this method does not work for everyone, identifying the best methods increases my productivity level and my satisfaction with my work.

Fourth, I practiced the 7th.

Although the Sabbath seems counterintuitive to the concept of time, they actually go hand in hand. If I want to be extra productive the following week, I must give myself the rest that I need for at least 24 hours so I can be refreshed and ready to conquer my to-do- list on Monday morning. If my weekend has been dedicated to other activities or work, I spend my Mondays foolishly. This puts me behind for the rest of the week. Because writing articles is a very mentally taxing task, I work hard to get my articles written, edited, and forwarded to the proper people. When I complete my articles earlier than expected, I can make room in my schedule for other non-work-related tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and spending time with my friends and family the rest of the week. Work and rest go hand in hand. If I have not practiced the art of rest, I’m doing myself and others a great disservice.

Fifth, I celebrate the small wins.

I do something for myself if I have completed an enormous task (like submitting a large manuscript or editing a big project). I read a book, get a massage, or do a little shopping. My life could be consumed with work if I’m not careful. However, life is to be enjoyed. By accomplishing a task that seems interesting and insurmountable, I reward myself with something, a unique experience, special treat, or an item I’ve been wanting. This pushes me to complete my tasks promptly and with excellence. Sometimes those hours are hard as I sludge through an enormous task, but nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something with God’s guidance and help. I believe it gives God glory when we use our work as an act of worship.

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