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I can’t believe in a God who would send people to hell

 Matt Slick

God. But by what standard of morality do they judge him? If it’s their own opinion, then how does the opinion establish the complaint as being true? Is there some universal moral truth that they know about with which they proclaim that God’s judgment upon the ungodly is somehow wrong?  If so where is it? Where is their standard of judgment?  So, if they say they don’t want to believe in God because he sends people to hell, then are they also saying that they don’t want God to judge evil people?

The critics of God’s judgment have to understand that God is incredibly holy. When anyone breaks God’s law by sinning, they have judgment upon them. The judgment will be delivered on that Last Day when people go to heaven or hell. The reason people are judged by God is that they reject his loving self-sacrifice on the cross by which they can be cleansed of their sins. So, if they reject what God has provided their deliverance, then God’s judgment will fall upon them and that judgment is hell.

Deciding not to believe in God who would judge people for their rebellion and sin is essentially a statement to approve of sin.

Hell was originally created for Satan and his angels. In the future, it will contain those who join Satan in rejecting God. If you reject God’s provision for the forgiveness of your sins, then you will join the Devil who rejected God from the beginning. Is that what you want?

Could you believe in a God who would become a human, suffer at the hands of humans, and be killed by them, all so that His death could be the payment for their sins? That is extremely loving. God is saving people who deserve to go to hell – and we all deserve that. Remember that the same God that sends people to Hell also died for them. If they reject what God has provided, then what is God left to do? He would have to judge them.

Whether or not you believe in something does not change the fact of its existence. Jesus spoke often of hell (Matt. 25:41-46; Mark 9:47-48; Luke 16:19-31) and warned us so we would not go there. Would you say Jesus didn’t know what He was talking about?

Are you implying that it is unjust for God to send people to hell? If so, then you accuse God of injustice. Sin is wrong and it must be punished. What would you have God do to those who oppose Him and do evil? Do you want Him to ignore that which is wrong? Do you want Him to turn His head and not be holy and righteous?

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