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Seven practical ways to love your spouse this Valentine’s Day

1. Start Small

Submit to one another and out-serve each other (Ephesians 5:21). If your wife usually makes dinner and does the dishes, take over for the day. If your husband usually takes out the trash and runs errands, give him a day off. Taking on your spouse’s tasks puts love into action.

2. Get Creative

Don’t give flowers and chocolates. Seriously men, you can do better than that. Prove how well you know your spouse by buying or making something more personal or more useful than a generic gift (unless, of course, your wife loves flowers and chocolates more than anything).

3. Seduce One Another

God designed sex for husbands and wives. Married couples get to love and enjoy each other in committed intimacy that no other relationship offers. You are the only one who can love your spouse in that way. Love him or her well. (1 Corinthians 7:2-5, Song of Solomon 4:1-15, 5:10-16).

4. Do Something

Give an experience, not a gift. Spend time rather than money. Do something new together, make a gourmet meal at home, or go somewhere you’ve never been. A card gets thrown away, but a shared memory continues for years to come.

5. Say Something

Tell your spouse why you love him or her. There is great power in speaking honestly about what you admire about your spouse, face to face. Words of affirmation go a long way to reinforce simple “I love yous” (Proverbs 16:24).

6. Write Something

Who says Hallmark has the corner on romantic, sentimental cards? Write your own card instead of buying one. Tell your spouse what you love about him or her. Write the story of how you felt when you first met.

7. Give Reminders

Send a few text messages or emails throughout the day. Leave a few notes around the house. Show your husband or wife how romantic you can be. When spouses remind each other how much they are loved, it facilitates better communication on other subjects, too.

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