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4Ways to Trust God During an Economic Recession

Cindi McMenamin
If you’re anything like me, you’re shocked at the prices of groceries these days, horrified at what you’re paying for a gallon of gas, and wondering just how you’re going to make it in the months—and possibly years—ahead if you don’t receive a raise equivalent to the inflation rate.

Here are 4 ways you can trust God during this economic recession.

1. Remember that nothing takes God by surprise.

One of the best assurances we have in Scripture, apart from our salvation by God’s grace and our faith, is that God is sovereign (Psalm 103:19; 1 Timothy 6:15). That means He is all-powerful, and nothing is beyond His control. He is also omniscient—meaning He knows everything, including what lies ahead. God was not taken by surprise when the world found itself in a pandemic a couple of years ago. His hands were not tied when the stock market dropped, the supply chain got interrupted, and interest rates soared.

I’ve found it personally comforting to often remind myself aloud: “This did not take God by surprise.” That means He is working in and through it not only for my good (Romans 8:28), but for the way it can mold me into a closer representation of His Son (Romans 8:29). If fear for the future is gripping you right now, rest in the fact that God’s got this—this economy, this world, this recession, and this life and bank account of yours.

2. Trim where you can and watch Him come through.

As you try to squeeze out a bit more toothpaste before tossing the tube, and eat up the very last of that cereal before you buy a new box, trust God to multiply your efforts and extend what you have until it’s necessary to replace.

Remember the account in Matthew 14 when Jesus took a young boy’s offering of a snack (two fish and five small loaves of bread) and multiplied it to feed well over 5,000 people? He can still multiply today whatever you offer Him. He sees your efforts to extend the use of what you have by draining the last bit of shampoo out of the bottle before you throw it out, and He can extend the life of those worn-out shoes and that last bit of oil and flour from your pantry.

3. Give more for His kingdom and watch what He does.

During a time of cost inflation and economic recession, we often think we must keep more for ourselves. Yet my family has seen the principle hold true all of our lives: The more we give to God and others, the more God gives back to us. It’s not why we give. But we’ve learned not to hesitate for fear that the math won’t add up. God’s math always favors the giver and it’s a truth you can literally take to the bank.

Jesus instructed His followers to give generously in proportion to how we would like God to be generous toward us (Luke 6:38). And 2 Corinthians 9:6-11 teaches that as you give generously, “God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others” (verse 8 NLT).

4. Keep an attitude of gratitude.

A young mom impacted by the recession recently told me that she used to hate to wash dishes and do laundry. But lately, she is overwhelmed by God’s provision for her family and His goodness at a time like this. “I am now thankful for the clothes I can wear. I am thankful I can have clean clothes. I am thankful for dirty dishes because that means we ate to our hearts’ contentment.”

When you and I are grateful, it changes our perspective. It makes us more content with what we have and that results in wanting less and trusting more. When my mind is set on thanking God for all I have, there is no fear for the future. Record His blessings if that is what it takes for you to remember that He is a God who always comes through.

المقال ده حلو أووووى ومُعزي مناسب للوقت الصعب ده بعنوان   4 طرق تساعدك تثق في الرب خلال الكساد الأقتصادي اللى بنعدي بيه. الكاتب بيفكرنا بمين هو الرب وأنه مش متفاجيء بأي حاجة بتحصل في الحياة وهو مسيطر على كل الأمور، وبيشجعنا الوقت ده أننا نعمل اللى علينا ونصدق أن الرب ييجي ويخترق الوضع واحنا هنشوفه وهو بيبارك في عمر عبوة الشامبو وفي آخر حبة زيت، وكمان بيشجعنا نعطي أكتر الوقت ده وكمان نتعلم نشكر ونتعلم نعد عطايا الرب. كل الحاجات دي لو عملناها ثقتنا في الرب هتكبر وأحنا بنشوف تعاملاته.

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